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About En Gedi Blessing

En Gedi Blessing is about gifts…gifts of rest, renewal, celebration, creativity, intercession, gratefulness, and renewed relationships.
Friends of En Gedi have been blessed with beautiful vacation homes, and their desire is to use these spaces to bless a unique group–ministry leaders and their executive teams.
Loneliness, challenges and  exhaustion often accompany a position of leadership.  As such it is our desire that you will take some time to receive from the Lord, to build into key personal relationships, and to be renewed in your creativity.  A leader who is refreshed and renewed by the Lord naturally overflows in refreshment and encouragement for others.
En Gedi families have offered their personal vacation homes in order to provide beautiful, intimate settings where you will be able experience  a blessing from the Lord and his people.
En Gedi blessing is intended to be a blessing that flows in all directions.  As you spend time in these beautiful spaces, surrounded by the care of the special families who own these homes, our desire is for you to bless them with your priestly intercession–for them, their families, and their places of service, asking for more kingdom fruitfulness in every area of their lives.
As priests and kings in the Kingdom of Jesus, we have unique opportunities to bless each other out of an overflow of our gifts and callings.  Our prayer is that En Gedi Blessing will provide a service that brings supernatural blessing to ministry and business leaders that will result in kingdom fruitfulness in every direction!

Are you a ministry leader?

Be blessed by generous members of the En Gedi community with an exclusive retreat.

Contact us here.

Do you have a holiday home to offer as a blessing?

Allow En Gedi to facilitate the use of your home as a retreat space for ministry leaders.

Contact us here.